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Integrative Yoga Therapy

A graduate of Delaware County Community College in Media, Pennsylvania, Hayley Ninnis holds an associate's degree in psychology. She went on to study psychology at Penn State University. Combining her desire to become a psychologist with her passion for yoga, Hayley Ninnis has developed a deep interest in Integrative Yoga Therapy (IYT).

Yoga teacher Joseph Le Page began IYT in 1993 with a desire to focus on yoga as a healing art that is student centered, nondogmatic, and modern yet remains rooted in the yoga tradition. Mr. Le Page designed his IYT program after studying traditional healing arts in more than a hundred countries and completing a master’s degree program in experiential education.

Today’s IYT continues to use yoga as a tool to help people achieve physical and mental wellness. In addition to promoting general health, IYT has proven beneficial for specific groups, from expectant mothers to senior citizens. IYT has also been employed to combat health problems such as heart disease and autoimmune conditions.


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