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    Currently a bookseller at Barnes and Noble in Exton, Pennsylvania, Hayley Ninnis enjoys yoga and glassblowing in her free time. She is a soon to be a certified yoga instructor and advocate of integrative yoga therapy, and she practices many different styles of power vinyasa, or “flow,” yoga at Power Yoga Works in Malvern, Pennsylvania. Hayley Ninnis plans to teach courses in the basics of power flow yoga, advanced power flow yoga, and power yoga sculpt with weights.

    Aside from her work as a yoga teacher, Hayley Ninnis has attended a pair of classes at East Falls Glassworks, a glassblowing studio and school based in Philadelphia. The studio is located in a 19th-century textile mill known as Sherman Mills, which plays host to a vibrant arts community and the second-largest studio group in Philadelphia. After creating ornaments and paperweights in her Introduction to Glassblowing class, she enrolled in the Intermediate Glassblowing course and learned the techniques necessary to craft vases and cups.
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